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Tel Aviv City Guide

Welcome to Tel Aviv the city that never stops! We hope you enjoy your time here. To help gain your footing and familiarize yourself with this great metropolis, have a look below.

Did you know?

Tel Aviv is the second-most populous city in Israel after Jerusalem, with 414,600 people and growing. Many argue that there’s no Middle Eastern city with a better nightlife than Tel Aviv, and we tend to agree! There are, in fact, few cities around the world that can rival its 24/7 party scene. If you’re looking for a city with ‘round the clock action – you’ll find it in Tel Aviv.

Size: 42 km2 (16.2 square miles)
Population: 414,600
Language: Hebrew
Currency: NIS (New Israeli Shekel)


• Ben Gurion Airport, located just a 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv, is the main Israeli airport for both international and domestic flights.
• Sde Dov Airport, in Tel Aviv, handles domestic flights only.

Recommended restaurants:

Dallal (10 Shabazi Street ), Tel: +972 3-510-9292 - Dallal Website
           Located in the beautiful, historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the Dallal restaurant is a fancy, yet affordable place to have lunch or dinner. Around the corner from the restaurant, there’s also a bakery with terrific morning pastries. The food is amazing, the place is beautiful, and the unique area around it makes all the difference! Making a reservation in advance is highly recommended.

Falafel Hakosem (1 Shlomo Hamelech, corner of King George 58)
           Falafel is one of the most common street foods in Israel, with a falafel kiosk seemingly located on every corner. But amongst the competition, Falafel Hakosem – a popular Tel Aviv site – is considered the best at creating those delicious chickpea balls. This small, very busy establishment almost always has a line, but it’s worth the wait. No need for reservations, but bring your patience.

Yahaloma (5 Zevulun 5, Shuk Levinsky), Tel: +972 -77-556-5887 - Yahaloma Website
           At the heart of the Levinsky Market you can find the Yahaloma bistro - a beautiful oasis with great Egyptian food blended with a contemporary twist. Affordable and delicious!

Places to see:

Old Jaffa - Old Jaffa Website
            Jaffa is one of the ancient port cities in Israel and the Mediterranean basin, and is deeply connected with the region’s settlement and history. The city itself is built on a high cliff that juts out from the shoreline into the sea, and the ports lies at its foot. Here you’ll find beautiful architecture, charming artist galleries, and delicious eateries around every corner.

Na Lagaat Center (Jaffa Port) - Na Lagaat Website/en/
           Na Lagaat, translated as “Please Touch”, has established itself as one of the most innovative theaters in the world, and one of Israel’s leading cultural sites. A unique, nonprofit center of culture and arts, Na Lagaat helps deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals provide for themselves, develop their skills and meet the general public. The center is home to the Na Lagaat Theater, “Blackout” dark restaurant (where you eat a meal entirely in the dark!), the “Kapish” events center, and a workshop.

Carmel Market (entire length of HaCarmel Street) - Carmel Market Website
           The Carmel Market, or Shuk HaCarmel, is the most famous of all of Tel Aviv’s marketplaces. In recent years, it’s joined the ranks of Tel Aviv’s trendy spots for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and chef-owned food stalls. From hand-made jachnun (a traditional Yemenite dish), to boutique cheeses, salted fish, cured meat, French pastries and Middle Eastern fare – HaCarmel has it all. Plan your visit according to your taste buds and leave a little time to explore the other wares, like cheap clothes, designer threads, and local knick-knacks.

Places to relax:

Body Course Spa (3 Menucha Street) - Body Course Spa Website
           At the Body Course spa you will find a variety of unique massage and body-work treatments, each of which lasts an indulging 90 minutes, focusing on the body/spirit balance. The spa is located in the old city of Jaffa in a picturesque alley, open to the sea with a gentle breeze. If you’re looking for a break after all your touring and tasting, a treatment here offers an unforgettable experience that will deeply touch your soul.

Gordon-Frishman Beach -
           The Gordon-Frishman beach is right in the heart of Tel Aviv. Its busiest times are weekends year-round, and every day during the summer. While there are many terrific beaches in Tel Aviv, Gordon Beach (as it’s better known) is a meeting point for Tel Aviv’s trendy and beautiful set; really anyone looking for a bit of socializing and a sit in the sun.

Tel Aviv Bike TourTel Aviv Bike Tours Website
           A Tel Aviv bike tour is a great way to explore the city. Avoid the traffic and get around like a local, heading to the hidden places that cars can’t take you. A typical bike tour covers the beachfront Tayelet promenade, the White City, Jaffa, and more. Biking is the perfect way to spend time with the family or alone. Easy terrain tours are available daily, with quality bike rentals included, and an experienced English-speaking guide.


Tel Aviv might not be a huge city, but there are many (many!) diverse neighborhoods you won’t want to miss. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the White City of Tel Aviv, to the gritty, bohemian Florentin district, and uber-trendy Neve Tzedek, there are some amazingly diverse parts of this city, all of which are within a short distance of each other, and offer a unique experience of their own.

The White City
           Tel Aviv’s White City might be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the words boring, historic, or ageing do not describe it at all! The White City of Tel Aviv is the world’s largest collection of International or Bauhaus style buildings. Since obtaining its UNESCO status in 2003, restoration of these buildings –constructed by German immigrants in the 1920s and 1930s – has picked up, and this quarter is now being returned to its earlier glory.

Neve Tzedek
           Neve Tzedek is one of Tel Aviv’s oldest districts, but it’s still young at heart! This is another district of Tel Aviv that has become increasingly fashionable in recent years, as restoration works have returned it to its former beauty. Built in 1887, Neve Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood outside of the old port city of Jaffa. Its Oriental architectural style, combined with quaint, narrow streets lined with boutiques, make Neve Tzedek – which means Oasis of Justice – quite literally an oasis in the modern city.

            Many refer to Florentin in south Tel Aviv as Tel Aviv’s Soho. An old neighborhood which hasn’t yet seen the same large-scale gentrification as its neighbor Neve Tzedek, Florentin, has a very mixed population, traditionally characterized by poverty and transience, but now increasingly youthful, and yuppie, with a strong artistic and alternative culture. It is a fascinating area to walk through, a contrast to the ultra-modern areas that dominate the rest of the city, and increasingly popular for its influence on the Tel Aviv’s nightlife.

Featured properties in Tel Aviv:

Gorgeous Suite with Ocean View TLV

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